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Club Instant Pot


Need Dinner Ideas & Easy Dinner Recipes? I Gotchu!

Join Club Instant Pot

🥘 –> This group is everything Instant Pot – Instant Pot recipes, Instant Pot pressure cooker, Instant Pot Duo, Instant Pot slow cooker, Instant Pot air fryer, Instant Pot blender, Instant Pot toaster oven & more!

♨️ We love our kitchen gadgets, and Instant Pot appliances are among our favorites!

✨ We would love for you to share your favorite tips and tricks, ask questions, and of course, share your easy Instant Pot recipes so we can celebrate your success in the kitchen with you!

🍴 Until there is a better way to filter these groups, you can use the hashtags and the search if you are looking for specific recipes.

🥘 We encourage the use of hashtags such as: #Instant PotRecipe, #InstantPotChicken, #InstantPotBeef, etc. This also helps to categorize content for easier searching.

♨️ If you are sharing a recipe, please leave the recipe instructions or a link to the recipe. Don’t just leave a photo – we want the recipe, too!

Win An Instant Pot


🍴PLEASE read the group rules so that you don’t get banned or removed from the group.

 🥘 Be nice, be courteous, don’t be rude, don’t leave spammy comments, and don’t leave any sales or affiliate links without first consulting with an admin.

 ♨️ Leaving affiliate or sales links will get the comment removed the first time, and a second instance will get you banned.

🍴 Everyone here (or 99.9% of the group anyway 😉 is looking for Instant Pot recipes.


Join The Group – Easy Instant Pot Recipes


 🥘 In this group, we encourage community, questions, and sharing your favorite recipes!

 ♨️ If you’re looking for something, feel free to ask in the group! There are so many Instant Pot lovers here, so you’re sure to have your questions answered!

 🍴 We want to keep this group fun and light-hearted and supplying the recipes everyone loves.

 🥘 If you feel you’ve found a post or comment that doesn’t belong in the group, please REPORT it. We don’t have eyes everywhere, so your help is greatly appreciated 😉 We’ll take the appropriate action as soon as possible.

 ♨️ Join the group HERE and start sharing your Instant Pot recipes!


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