Sweet Potatoes

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What is soul food seasoning? Soul food seasoning is how African Americans cook, season, and flavor iconic Southern soul food dishes that have only improved with age! What are the ingredients in soul food? My recipe ingredient guides, like this one, highlight essential seasonings, sugars, spices, and classic components integral to iconic Southern soul food recipes.

Sweet potatoes are a delicious root vegetable, and the star of the show in the many dishes served, especially in Southern soul food sweet potato recipes

Sweet potatoes are a recipe ingredient rich in flavor and yield a naturally creamy texture when baked. Their inherent sweetness is the base for favorite African-American recipes.

Recipe Ingredient - Sweet Potatoes

What are the 4 types of sweet potatoes?

  • Garnet sweet potatoes – Known as the red yam, as identified by their reddish-purple skin. Garnets have a juicy orange flesh perfect for mashing and baking.
  • Jewel sweet potatoes – Jewels are the Thanksgiving favorite, with a noticeably lighter orange skin and brighter orange flesh. Packing a lot of moisture, this potato is excellent for baking, roasting, and pressure-cooking.
  • Beauregard sweet potatoes – These large, elongated sweet potatoes have a reddish skin and orange flesh. With a slightly sweeter flavor than Jewel sweet potatoes, Beauregards are perfect for baking sweet treats.
  • Stokes purple sweet potatoes – Can you use purple sweet potatoes in place of regular sweet potatoes? Yes! Offering a gorgeous color and firm texture, Stokes purple sweet potatoes are a unique variety with natural purple skin and rich purple flesh that color intensifies when cooked. They make a beautiful and delicious purple sweet potato pie!

What type of sweet potatoes are best for sweet pie recipe?

The yummy goodness starts with the best type of sweet potatoes for sweet potato pie. Choose either Jewel (best for baking) or Beauregard sweet potatoes (slightly sweeter).

Unless you’re making a purple sweet potato pie, in which case you’d choose Stokes purple sweet potatoes.

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Is it better to bake or boil sweet potatoes for pies?
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