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The Soul Food Pot – The WORLD’s #1 soul food website!

Shaunda Necole is the go-to recipe creator for modern soul food cuisine. As the founder of The Soul Food Pot, the #1 Southern soul food site on Google, Shaunda takes iconic African American recipes and reimagines them via modern kitchen appliances, often shortening the time to prepare beloved traditional dishes.

Inspired by her own Southern upbringing in coastal Virginia, Shaunda has shared more than 250 recipes across her food blog, five cookbooks, and two seasoning guides, including codifying the “Black Folks Sweet Potato Pie,” an adapted family recipe that went viral in 2021.

Shaunda is making life easier + more soulful, one recipe at a time!

She shares a legacy of Black culture, spotlighting iconic African American recipe contributions to America’s favorite foods.

Her podcast, The Soul Food Pod, is Apple’s first show dedicated to the history and culture around soul food dishes, and her expertise on the origins of red velvet cake and Southern spaghetti is even shared on these popular dishes’ Wikipedia pages. In 2024, Shaunda launched Soul Food On The Strip in Las Vegas, the city’s first and only tour focused on the influence of soul food in the vibrant restaurant scene. What ultimately drives Shaunda is her commitment to making life easier and more soulful, one recipe at a time!

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Shaunda’s Expert Topics

Soul food culture and history

A native of Virginia, Shaunda understands the importance of and meaning behind classic soul food dishes on her table and beyond.

How to speed up traditional Southern soul food recipes

Many of grandma’s dishes meant spending hours in the kitchen, but not any more: There are tricks to speeding up the preparation and cooking time of beloved traditional foods.

Proper seasoning techniques

Home chefs often get tripped up on how to season ingredients, from vegetables to fried chicken, so Shaunda has tips to demystify the process.

Using modern kitchen appliances and gadgets for traditional dishes

Shaunda tries every new cooking device to see how recipes can be adapted for more efficiency for busy amateur chefs.

Instant Pot Soul Food By Shaunda Necole

This food blogger will teach you faster ways to make lengthy family recipes!

  • “When I found easier ways to cook my family’s soul food recipes, I fell in love with the kitchen.
  • Cooking was always something necessary but not necessarily fun. If you know anything about soul food, many of the dishes take hours and hours to cook.
  • Not anymore! By leveraging modern kitchen appliances, like the Instant Pot, I found faster and easier ways to make traditional dishes. Now I have a blast in the kitchen and share my results on my site, The Soul Food Pot.
  • I’m sure this is a sentiment shared by your customers, and I’d like to work with you on a story to inspire them to have fun making their family recipes too.”
  • —Shaunda Necole

The Soul Food Pot‘s audience and reach

The Soul Food Pot’s readers are the most valuable audience type! A warm retargeting audience with search intent. Shaunda Necole & The Soul Food Pot’s viewers do not stumble upon her content by chance while mindlessly scrolling through a feed. Instead, they actively search for and visit her websites with a specific intent. For Shaunda’s advertising partners, this type of traffic is like finding gold! There’s no need to guess the audience’s interests or what they’re looking for, making it easier to serve them with relevant ad campaigns.

Shaunda Necole & The Soul Food Pot brand partnerships - Southern Soul Food Blogger Recipe Creations
Shaunda Necole & The Soul Food Pot brand partnerships - Travel & Tourism
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Shaunda Necole & The Soul Food Pot brand partnerships - Travel & Hotel
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Timeless content creation

Lean into Shaunda’s SEO expertise to create search-worthy sponsored campaigns that remain relevant beyond the initial social media scroll.

What brands are saying about Shaunda Necole

Shaunda is “one of THOSE” amazing partners who continuously goes above and beyond to provide more content that will work well with her platform and that will coordinate well the campaign goals. Shaunda kept the priority products top of mind while developing beautiful recipes and fun content incorporating her whole family that her audience was able to engage with.”
Jordan Weynard,
The Home Depot Influencer Program Manager
“Shaunda has consistently been an ideal partner. She’s thorough and truly makes herself an expert on the product she is working with and her photos are top quality. Shaunda and her manager (Johanna) are wonderfully transparent and communicative and always meet deadlines. They run a very buttoned up operation which makes partnership a dream. Would love to work with you both again soon.
Cait Gallagher Murphy,
Sr. Manager of Influencer Marketing, Bazaar Voice
“We selected Shaunda for Southern Gas Co because of her great energy, location and compatibility with our campaign. She went above and beyond in creating content for our campaign, putting in so much energy and effort to get us well-fleshed out deliverables both in photo and copy. She infused her authentic personality throughout and really brought our vision to life! Shaunda was a key influencer in one of our target markets and she played a role in getting our educational message about Safe Digging out to those around her! We really loved the professionalism and quick turnarounds from Shaunda. Seamless all the way through :)”
Natalie Kilic,
Account Manager at Pop’N Creative
Southern Soul Food Christmas Sides

Projects with Shaunda Necole & The Soul Food Pot

Shaunda Necole is a soul food recipe creator with Southern roots, charm, and modern cooking appliance expertise. Her assets include seven culinary guides, a soul food blog, and a soul food podcast. Work with Shaunda and trust her decade of experience creating influential campaigns.