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Color. Warmth. Flavor!

I share contemporary soul food (Black folk’s recipes) and African-Caribbean cuisine made healthier and easier by focusing on the tradition’s most nutritious dishes.

I show you how to make the same Southern comfort food and seasoned buttery-rich flavors in a fraction of the traditional time with Instant Pot.

You’ll no longer need a 4-hour nap after you cook!

Instant Pot + Soul Food Recipes = MAGIC!


The Soul Food Pot - Instant Pot Recipes + Soul Food = MAGIC


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Welcome To The Soul Food Pot


Meet Shaunda

I’m Shaunda Necole, an East coast Southern girl with a super sunny West coast heart! 

I grew up on Southern home-cooked meals, soul food recipes handed down from Grandma to mom to me!

As an adult, I’ve traveled the Caribbean islands where I was introduced to many of my favorite African-Caribbean cuisines. It’s my pleasure to invite you into my kitchen by way of The Soul Food Pot – one-pot soul food recipes straight to plate! 


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Magical Meals In Minutes

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“The entire passion that I have about this is to use food as a tool to elevate the conversation about what it means to be African-American and to cook African American food… It’s a celebration. We’re celebrating our food!” —Toni Tipton-Martin


Instant Pot recipes

I do 90% of my cooking in my Instant Pots!

Instant Pot pressure cooking is a much healthier way to prepare traditional Southern foods. The shorter cooking times lend to better preservation of vitamins and minerals while intensifying each recipe’s soulful flavors and enhancing the texture and taste. Yum!

Here, you’ll enjoy a variety of tasty soul food dinner & dessert recipes that cut down your cooking time without compromising the authenticity and mouth-watering flavors. 

Start here for contemporary soul food and Caribbean cuisine.

These are quick & easy recipes for a busy household – magical meals in minutes. One-pot… straight to plate! 


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“Cooking with love provides food for the soul.”

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“Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.”

Got a favorite recipe you’d like to see? Or wanna tell me about a recipe you’ve tried?

Give me a shout, & tell me something good! 

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