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I’m proud to share my family’s African-American soul food recipes representing our beautiful people and a legacy of what we eat.


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Meet Shaunda

I’m Shaunda Necole, podcasterauthor, lifestyle influencer and soul food blogger. I split my time between my homes in Virginia Beach and viva Las Vegas – and I love being an East Coast girl with a super sunny West Coast heart!

I grew up on Southern home-cooked meals. Soul food recipes handed down from grandma to mom to me!

As an adult, I’ve traveled the Caribbean islands, where I was introduced to many of my favorite African-Caribbean cuisines.

It’s my pleasure to invite you into my kitchen through The Soul Food Pot – one-pot soul food recipes straight to plate! 


The Soul Food Pot Southern African American Recipes by Shaunda Necole


About Shaunda Necole & The Soul Food Pot

Join me as I share my family’s classic soul food recipes, Black folks’ food, and African-Caribbean cuisine. 

Iconic Southern recipes reimagined via Instant Pot.

The same Southern comfort food and seasoned buttery-rich flavors in a fraction of the traditional time. 

One-pot… straight to plate!


Soul Food + Instant Pot = MAGIC! Instant Pot Southern soul food recipes by The Soul Food Pot


Soul Food Recipes + Instant Pot = MAGIC!

It may seem like I’m kinda obsessed, but I do 97% of my cooking in my Instant Pots!

I wish everyone knew how easy Instant Pot cooking is for busy households – one-pot… straight to plate! 

If you’re serious about saving time, money, and feeding your family with high-quality meals that don’t require stewing over a hot pot all day…


Instant Pot Soul Food Recipes By Shaunda Necole


Start here! 

Easy-to-make soul food recipes

“Cooking with love provides food for the soul.”

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“Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.”

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The Soul Food Pod by Shaunda Necole


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