How To Make Moscow Mules

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Let’s be honest. If it weren’t for the food and libations, I wouldn’t think twice about football! But with the Big Game happening this Sunday, I thought it’d be fun to share a few festive recipes to help you “kick-off” your celebrations.
I’m starting with a festive cocktail.
A Moscow Mule, since it’s currently all the rage. I’m kinda’ new to the fan club of those that enjoy this drink.
I had my first one this past weekend when I had dinner out with my girlfriend. I’m not good at choosing drinks when I’m out. I’m a light weight (thankfully) when it comes to cocktails, so I’ll usually ask the waiter for something fruity and girly!
When my girlfriend’s Moscow Mule came to the table, I tried hers. I immediately abandoned the drink I had only taken two sips of, to instead have my own Moscow Mule! In case you’re also new to Club Mule, like me, I’m sharing the recipe today.


Game Day Moscow Mules Recipe

Big Game Day Mules- ginger beer, vodka, limes


Moscow mule drink

If you like ginger beer like The Mister and I do (which is non-alcohol), then this drink is for you. It’s a vodka base drink that’s light and refreshing lime juice with a kick of ginger.
It’s super easy to make, and you won’t even need a shaker. If you’re already in the club, I hope you’ll enjoy the decorative twist that I’ve added to make this cocktail even more fun for game days.
The Moscow mule copper mug also reminds me of a football.
I hope you enjoy!
Cheers! Carved limes for Game Day Moscow mules

Chewy ginger candy | Copper Moscow Mueles

Moscow Mule ingredients

All ingredients should be cold, and the copper mug chilled
2 oz. vodka
4 oz. ginger beer
1/2 oz. lime juice
1 lime wedge to garnish
ice cubes
toothpick for garnishments
1 copper mug
Optional garnishments that I used: blueberries and chewy ginger candy

Moscow mule recipe

Add the lime juice and vodka to the copper mug
Fill the mug with ice cubes
Add the ginger beer
Stir and garnish with a lime wedge
Optional~ I also add 1 lime wedge inside the mug with the ice | Carved Football Limes


Festive Garnishments

Football carved limes

To achieve the football laces in your lime, simply cut the lime vertically into four sections and with a paring knife, carve the laces into each lime wedge

Garnished Toothpicks

I added the football lime wedge, blueberries and chewy ginger candy (found HERE) to a toothpick and rested it on the rim of the mug
My Style with Whimsy Tip
You can change your garnishments to coordinate with your team’s colors, like garnishing with raspberries for a red team or carving a lemon for a yellow team
limes on my Courtly Check cutting board | Carving football limes | Football lime garnishments


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Game Day Moscow Mules by Shaunda Necole- Pin It!


Copper Mules Kitchenware- Daily Decor by Shaunda Necole



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