Juneteenth Desserts

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Juneteenth marks a momentous day in history, commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. Over time, it has become a celebration of African American culture, with food playing a central role. Traditional Southern desserts and Juneteenth cookout dessert recipes are key to the holiday’s festivities.

Juneteenth desserts - Southern apple pie

These sweet confections and cookout desserts do more than delight the palate. They embody centuries of African American culinary traditions and carry the essence of freedom and unity. With every slice and bite, we celebrate freedom and honor our ancestors. 

What is the official dessert of Juneteenth?

Red velvet cake is a staple of Southern cuisine, aka “soul food of the South.” It’s believed to have African-American origins dating back to the 1800s.

Juneteenth Desserts

The color red symbolizes the bloodshed and sacrifices and honors the lives of our Black ancestors before emancipation. In homage to those who never experienced the freedoms we now enjoy, we indulge in red velvet cake as a gesture of remembrance and reverence for their legacy.

Black Folks Southern Red Velvet Cake Recipe
Southern Red Velvet Cake
In the heart of Juneteenth celebrations, certain desserts stand out, embodying the rich tapestry of African American heritage and the sweet taste of freedom, especially red velvet cake, the official dessert of Juneteenth.
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Juneteenth dessert recipes

Traditional desserts like Southern red velvet cake, sweet potato pie, and peach cobbler contribute to the rich tapestry of a Juneteenth menu. By making and sharing these desserts, we can strengthen the bond of unity and joy within our communities, and honor the spirit of Juneteenth. 

Soul Food Apple Pie Recipe
Southern Apple Pie
What makes apple pie a Juneteenth specialty? 
A Southern apple pie recipe is a quintessential American dessert. At Juneteenth celebrations, apple pie on the table reminds us that Black people in the US have always been Americans.
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Black Folks Sweet Potato Pie Recipe
Black Folks Sweet Potato Pie Recipe™
This dessert whispers tales of resilience and resourcefulness, using humble ingredients to create flavors that have comforted souls and fueled gatherings for decades. 
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Black Folks Southern Peach Cobbler Recipe
Black Folks Southern Peach Cobbler
Invites warmth and communal spirit, reminding us of summer's bounty and the importance of sharing in African American culture and Juneteenth festivities. 
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Southern Soul Food Pig Pickin Cake
Southern Soul Food Pig Pickin Cake
Pig pikckin is a one-of-a-kind cookout cake. A dessert that's as unique as its name and the official cake of Southern pig pickins and roasts! It's a Deep South favorite for BBQ holidays and Juneteenth.
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Black Southern Banana Pudding
Black Folks Southern Banana Pudding
You won't ever see another pudding recipe the same way after trying this elevated English trifle, transformed into a delectable soul food dessert!
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Juneteenth desserts - Southern peach cobbler

Baking and sharing Juneteenth desserts like soul food red velvet cake and Black folks’ sweet potato pie allows us to explore African American cuisine and soul food desserts passed down through generations. These Juneteenth red foods and favorite recipes enrich our hearts and honor our heritage. As we share these traditional Southern desserts, we celebrate freedom and sequence a story of resilience and joy. 

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Soul Food Juneteenth Desserts
The Ultimate Soul Food Recipes Guide
The Ultimate Soul Food Recipes Guide
What is soul food? Soul food recipes are African-American recipes full of flavor! A legacy of Southern cooking the Black way. Check out this collection of the best soul food recipes!
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